Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ode to da Opener

Opening Day-it's all about traditions here in the Upper Peninsula.  This a day of the fishing calendar I clear the slate every year to enjoy the surrounding of this great place I call home.  As an angler it isn't about catching fish to me, it's about spending time with friends & relaxing.  If we make it astream that's wonderful, if not-who cares.  Many people in this day of age are always in a rush, it's not worth even going fishing if you are in a hurry to get out.  Trout fishing, especially here in the North Woods is all about kicking back and soaking in the environs.  This weekends heritage in the U.P. runs so strong that words really cannot explain it, since Trout have been here anglers have celebrated this holy day.   Trout only live in the most beautiful places on Earth, these are the places I like to spend my time.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seeing Any?

This is something that I will never understand I have come to accept.  Frequently during this Spring run of Steelhead when you encounter other anglers on the stream they frequently ask "Hey, have you seen any spawning Steelhead?"  They seem saddened or not enthused about fishing unless they can actually "see" Steelhead.  Sure, I used to fish to spawning fish-so I definitely don't hold myself above any other angler who chooses to do so.  But it was because I wasn't informed or didn't know any better to leave these fish alone.  Spawning fish are not fish that eat, they are fish that are getting their freak on.  How many times have you felt like eating a pastrami sammich during the middle of sexy time?  Yeah, prolly not to many times i'm guessing.

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