Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sumpthang Productive....

Well, it has been a long damn time since I have posted anything on this blog.  So, I figured I could contribute something worth while- a fly recipe.  Constantly I have people emailing or asking me if I have any patterns I could share?  Sure, I have a bunch.  Many of which I don't need Joe Copycat hustling on, this kinda pathetic shit is happening way to frequently across the board these days.  This pattern below is a take on another pattern which is called the "Orange Blossom", I have no idea who tied that pattern- but it was a good idea & im not taking credit for inventing this one.  The pattern below is demonstrated in a step by step photo sequence.  This pattern can be tied in whatever size you feel inclines to tie- fishes well for Trout, warm water species & migratory species.

First off- I am using a Daichii 2220 streamer hook, any heavy long streamer hook works. No need for heavy thread here, use 6/0 Uni.  Place large gold cone on hook as well.  Secure just in front of hook bend.
Next, take some brown Marabou and secure in front of bend of hook.  Then add some copper flashabou. Any color flash can be used here as well as Krystal Flash. We are looking for something to gather light w the flash.
Add your hackle next in the same area. I am using a new product by spirt river which incorporates more UV properties to this fly.  I like the schlappen verses saddle hackle for this, longer fibers which gives more profile & breathing action to this pattern. Tie the feather in by the tip
Now add your black estaz, this will form the body & is going to be eventually palmering forward in back of cone.
Now bring thread forward & tie in your rubber legs.  I am using yellow legs, you can use whatever color your heart desires.  I use a figure eight method to secure the legs to the hook.  Bring thread up in back of cone now.
Alright, now the black estaz has been palmered up through the legs to the front of the hook.  This isnt too easy, take your time going through the rubber legs as they can get tangled up & then the fly will look like crap.
Now palmer the schlappen up towars the front- go through the rubber legs palmering the whole way up.  I like to add extra rotations just behind the cone to give the fly the nice uniform look w the logest fibers in back of the cone.

Congrats-all done!  Now go fishing :)

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