Monday, April 14, 2014

Little Inspiration

She was a little girl who was in a lot of pain & touched an entire nation.  The story of Lacey Holsworth to me is damn inspiring, everyday I find myself thinking of her.   Most likely probably because I am a father & I can't imagine the pain of losing my daughter.  But what I have found so inspirational about Lacey is that she taught grown adults to stop complaining & enjoy life.

Surprisingly this week I guided one of Lacey's hospital roommates who he himself was recovering from cancer.  He had childhood leukemia which has now resurfaced years later, doing good now & enjoying time doing what's important to him.

Be happy, respect those who deserve it, don't screw over people, karma is real, don't complain, never be bored, family first, money doesn't equal happiness, the grass isn't always greener & smile a lot

 Repeat this list as often as possible & if you are having a rough day just think of Lacey :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


In my years of doing this past time of fishing I have fielded many questions about this fun sport. One of which that frequently is asked by non anglers is, "Why do you fish so much & do you ever get sick of it"?

So many years of my life I didn't have an answer for this, just thought "what the hell, why wouldn't anybody enjoy this"?  I can't remember when the answer finally hit me, but it finally made perfect sense.

When I fish, I forget about everything else other than the fishing.......

Free your mind once in a while, it feels good