Monday, December 13, 2010

Road Tripping

Biblical proportions of snowfall & hurricane force winds.  Yepper, an old school ass kicker of a yooper style storm has pummeled the crap out of the Upper Peninsula. I heard that just west of Central Marquette county  27 inches of snow already has been received from this storm.  Storm reports out of Gitchee Gummee where reporting waves up to 20 feet & coastal flood warnings.  No end is really in sight in the form of a warm up, temps look to be in the low 20's for at least the 10 day.

This snow isn't going to make the ice fishing crowd to happy, i have to imagine that the cold weather we have been receiving had some solid ice around.  Whenever we get a big dumb of snow it compromises the ice conditions big time, the snow acts as insulation & melts away the good ice below it.  20 inches of snow on top of 5 inches of good ice will deteriorate conditions quite quickly.  I heard a report last week of somebody breaking through in Iron Mountain while venturing out, this always puzzles me.  Of all ways to die, I think breaking through a frozen body of water & drowning would most likely be the most miserable way to go. Is the possibility of maybe catching a fish worth swimming in ice cold water worth it? I highly doubt it. Hell, id rather drive myself to Thills Fish Market in Marquette & purchase some fresh whitefish verses freeze my ass off!  People always use ice fishing as an excuse to go drink beer, why the hell would I wanna sit outside in subzero weather to drink a beer?  Really, I enjoy consuming booze as much as anyone-but this is just stupid.  A warm pub or my couch for that matter makes much more sense to guzzle down some ales.

On another note, I was lucky enuff to make my way down to Detroit this past weekend to attend the "Big Chill" game at the Big House & the Red Wings vs Canadians game.  It was a damn fun weekend away from the U.P. to watch some hockey.  It's nice to get to the big cities every so often to keep in touch with reality!


  1. Enough with the ice fishing blasphemy!

  2. U never catch shit ice fishing either, so shut your pie hole!

  3. Dave,

    if you do go out ice fishing, the only time i ever catch anything is when i tie one of the swedish pimples on the end of the line. the green prism tape little size is the primo, tipped with a medium fathead has put some nice walleyes on the ice. the swedish pimp is the pride of ice scene in the yoop, born & raised in glastone, MI. a fine product of our U.P. :)

  4. what a hockey double-header! the Wings game was awesome! We'll be at the Joe next Wednesday for the Canucks game- hopefully they play better than they did tonight.

  5. hey scott,

    yeah, pretty cool! We had unbelievable tickets for both games. center ice 4 rows up for big chill game & damn near same tickets for wings. the wings game was sweet-habs r my 2nd fav team so it was as good as it gets.

  6. Funny, I've never understood ice fishing either. But I get plenty of funny looks when I tell people I wade all Winter, so who am I to poke fun?

    Love the Habs; so cool to see Detroit play them!