Thursday, March 31, 2011

Slow & Steady

Old School-that's the two words I can think of the describe this Spring here in the Upper Peninsula.  I remember that the month of March used to be classified as another month of the Winter here instead of the beginning of Spring. I myself am guilty as well as many others are of getting used to these early Springs we have had over the course of the past few years.  Many inland lakes across the Upper Peninsula have a solid 2 feet of ice still on them, you can drive a full size pickup truck on that very safely!  Yesterday as I peered out across Lk Superior all i could see was ice as far as the eye could see, granted this ice blows in & out with the wind.  But there sure is quite a bit still out there & that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  As it is right now though, we are in a major drought.  Since February there has been very little precip (snow or rain), this doesn't fair well for fire danger or river/lake levels.  I'm hoping that April brings some nice rains, heck even a snowstorm would be fine by me.

Recently I purchased a new camera , so these shots are local images from the Marquette area.  Learning how to operate the camera is in adventure in itself, but I see how one can become very involved with the art of photography.  So much is require to get a great photo, I'm looking forward to providing some images of the essence of this beautiful place I call home-Michigan's U.P..

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Fishing Michigan's U.P.

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