Saturday, July 30, 2011

Outbound & Downtown

Exploring.  This is something that every person has done in their life, to me it just never seems to get old.  I remember as a kid riding my bicycle so much with my waders on I would wear holes on the inside of the wader's legs from rubbing on the bike frame. As an angler, I very much so still relish the opportunity to fish new water for just about any type of fish.  I've traveled across the U.S. & several countries fishing, the increased pulse rate & downright sheer excitement of when you step into a new piece of water is exhilarating.  One can hardly expect to catch fish when fishing someplace new, you have to earn this right.   Putting together the pieces of the puzzle to find choice water & then figuring out your plan of attack is a work of art. Learning is such an important part of fishing and life in general.  One does not become an expert at fishing after a year or two at this sport, anyone who says they are is full of shit. Actually, anyone who declares themselves an "expert" is a pompous ass-once you stop learning your game is over. Catching fish in a  place or two is the norm, but take that game to locales across the board & get ready to be very humbled. Rarely do these quests pan out into much, but every so often you find yourself a gem.  Over the years one of my fishing partners & I have logged way too many miles on both of our vehicles in search of the holy grail.  Our wives think we are idiots as many days we just drive across the U.P. spending loot on pricey fuel and we don't even get a cast in with the fly rod. But dammit, when you have one of those days where the stars align and one of these places you have researched actaully has some sweet trophy fish-it feels damn good.

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