Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hustle, this is the one word that was profound to me in the President's message today here in the Upper Peninsula.  Working hard to come out on top and be the best that you can be, don't accept coming in second. He quoted JFK in his speech as well as when he was discussing how the U.S. needs to become #1 and that nothing other than that is acceptable in this global economy.  Just sitting back and watching as the world takes center stage is not good enough, America needs to move forward.  He declared that America invented the Internet, so we need to be the leader in providing broadband Internet to every home in the U.S.. The President stated that by having this ability to access faster Internet throughout the country will directly spawn entrepreneurs, invention and economic stimulus.

The overwhelming feeling of pride was very evident in all the people in the community-those that attended the event as well as those who didn't.  When the President opened his speech by saying "Hello Yoopers-the crowd went berserk! Yoopers are extremely proud of the place we call home and the President definitely recognized this.  The President commented on how special of a place the U.P. is and how genuine everyone was here he met with, joking around about the Packers at the start of his speech got the crowd chuckling. Sen. Levin also during his speech commended the Pack and stated he wished his Detroit Lions could follow suit!

Whether you are a supporter of President Obama or not, it was very special to have him come visit our small town here in the Upper Peninsula.  It isn't everyday that the leader of the free world decides to take a trip to the frozen north.

A rewarding day for NMU and alums-a day our president came to visit our school/town because we are leaders, not followers!

Many thanks go out to Senator Debbie Stabenow and her staff for inviting Riversnorth Guide Service to attend the Obama event today in Marquette.  It was a phenomenal experience to participate in and the opportunity to see the President in person was very rewarding.  Senator Stabenow has been at the forefront of the Asian Carp battle and has been steadfast in her stand to keep the Carp out of our Great Lakes.

Keep up the good work Senator Stabenow & Thank You!


  1. Very cool, Brad - Here's to hoping Michigan's members of Congress - including Sen. Stabenow - can reason with the President about how devastating Asian carp will be to the Great Lakes and Michigan's economy. Improved broadband is a great goal, but even with 100% broadband across Michigan, our state's residents would not able to recover from the economic consequences of the establishment of Asian carp in the Great Lakes and its tributaries. He's the only person who can do anything to stop Asian carp and to date he has not done anything besides hire a few staffers to address the mob and side with his Chicago politician buddies.

  2. yes, dave it purely rests with the president. i sure wish he would "man up" & decide to permanently separate the Mississippi River system from the Great Lakes in a more timely fashion. This is ridiculous on how long this had taken already, the "threat" has gone to reality at this point of the game.