Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Land Mine

Sure, the Upper Peninsula was founded pretty much upon the mining of the valuable minerals found deep in the soils and bedrock of this land. Many people moved to the Upper Peninsula to work in this industry to provide for their families-it was how the U.P. became what it is today.  Currently the U.P. still has vast deposits of minerals-recently this has been a hot topic as some mining companies have been granted permission by our state and federal governments to mine in extremely sensitive environmental areas.

Even with responsible mining techniques that are present this day in age, it is so absurd to allow the opportunity for a company to possibly destroy our natural resources in search of a product that will put money in their pocket.  Mining now is different from the mining that founded the U.P., we know so much more now about adverse effects of mining from what we did back then.  The future of areas that are remote and beautiful like the Upper Peninsula rest with tourism.  The U.P. has become a global destination because of its vast abundance of natural beauty and wonderful natural resources.  Every season anglers from across the U.S. and world travel here to fish with me to experience what the U.P. has to offer. Managing our natural resources correctly so that many generations are able to enjoy the benefits is key, not opening up our land for possible destruction.  If a species like the wild coaster Brook Trout is lost because of a mining mishap, it can never be brought back to its truly wild status.

Whoever is part of allowing this mine in the Yellow Dog Plains should be ashamed of themselves for letting greed possibly ruin something beautiful and pure.  If there is a line, it needs to be drawn. 

Nice work Marquette City Commission- Way to stand up and give Rio Tinto the bird!

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